Crisis Negotiations Team (CNT)

The Harrison County Sheriff Department utilizes a highly trained group of officers who serve on the Crisis Negotiations Team (CNT). CNT along with the Emergency Response Team (ERT) are called upon when the police officers on patrol require more specialized training and weaponry to handle a critical incident. The CNT is an integral part of the ERT and they both work closely together in responding to critical incidents.

The goal of the CNT is to defuse potentially life-threatening crisis situations through the use of proven verbal crisis management and communication techniques.

Most often CNT will be called in for incidents that include but are not limited to:

  • Suicidal persons and the mentally ill
  • Armed / Barricaded subjects
  • Suspects who have taken a hostage(s)

The team’s mission is to bring about a peaceful resolution to incidents where someone is threatening harm to themselves or others. The CNT team is a voluntary on-call unit. Most critical incidents are resolved by the CNT negotiators so ongoing training is mandatory.