K9 Unit

The canine team’s primary function is to assist members of the Sheriff’s Office in apprehending drugs and making the community drug free. A canine’s sense of smell can be over one million times stronger than a human. That, along with acute hearing, makes the K-9 a vital asset to the Sheriff’s Office and the community they serve. The canine also plays a major role in apprehending dangerous suspects and to create a safe environment for the public and the deputies that proudly serve.


The Canine Unit is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to respond and assist patrol operations, detective functions as well as ERT missions. In addition to assisting in apprehending dangerous suspects and protecting the handler, a Police Canine is often called upon to help locate narcotics or evidence such as a weapon or other items either discarded or hidden by suspects.


When not working, the K-9 lives at home with the handler. This is beneficial for both the canine and the handler as is strengthens the bond between them. The handler cares for the canine on a day to day basis in regards to feeding, cleaning, exercise, medical care, training, and socializing. This also enables the Canine Team to respond to a critical incident call with a prompt response team.  


Canine Name: Odin

Handler: Officer Jason Harrell
Handler Certification: Narcotics Handler
Canine Date of Birth: 2013
Date of Service: 2013
Breed: Belgian Malinois
Origin: Netherlands

Odin is a multi-purpose dog whose skill is tracking offenders by following a scent trail left on the ground; searching for people in buildings or open areas; searching for hidden, lost or stolen property; chasing and detaining offenders; and protecting their handlers and others in dangerous situations.  Officer Harrell and Odin are currently in training and are expected to hit the streets in 2014.